Saturday, February 28, 2009

mmm... flied dericious

We were shopping for our asian staples at the pacific east mall ranch 99 market when I happened to look up out of my buffet counter induced stupor to see this gem. It made me extremely happy, and try though I might, I couldn't find any other fantastic missperrings the rest of the time.

While I'm thinking about grocery adventures, I present to you the best broccoli in the world (from a nerdy, fractal point of view (which is a strange point of view if you think about it)). It's called romanesco broccoli and really does come in bright chartreuse. It stands out on the vegetable shelf for it's color and it's unique pattern. Only downside, it tastes just like broccoli.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PV Fun

I got a solar panel, and you didn't, nana na na na naaaa!! It'll go on the garden shed and charge up my cordless drill batteries, run the margarita blender, and support all night techno dance parties. Now don't you want one? eh? I mean, look at how blissfully happy those people look on the box...

All I've got to figure out is the rest of the system. Presumably I'm going to need a 12V deep cycle battery as the backbone of the system, maybe a few of them linked up in parallel for longer dance parties, some sort of inverter that's not going to melt if I leave it running for months at a time, and the requisite wiring doodads to put it all together. Anything else? Maybe a few outlets through the wall of the shed, gonna need to figure out GFCI... Seems eminently doable, let's see how many times I can kill myself electrically (falling off the roof doesn't really qualify as a kill because it's too easy) before this things up and running. I'll post progress as it happens.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now that's Taxing!

WooHoo! It's national taxing season, but that el presidente keeps increasing the tax refund we're supposed to get, so I don't want to file too early and miss out on the late breaking bonuses. Then again, it's a tricky business filing at the perfect time, because if you file too late, they're gonna be outta bucks and we'll end up with IOU's. It's somewhat like the stock market... looks like I missed the peak on that one too...

Wears your paddle?

So these two guys are kayaking in the desert.

The first guy says "wears your paddle?"

The second guy says "sure does!"