Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Photos 3 of n

We had our friend Sarah come out and take some pictures of Cora, mostly, but also of Marion, myself, and my folks.  There are some true classics among what she captured, here are a few of our favorites.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday photos 2 of n

Getting all christmas-y with the making decorations

Cora practicing her crawling stance.   No movement yet, just a gentle swaying followed by face-plant, but I count our time of blissful baby-not-moving-ness in hours, not days.

You know it's the holidays when grayboy gets his party hat out.

Oh, and Cora sits up all by herself now too!

Cora sporting grayboy's party hat.

She's so happy to see you!

Notice sunshine bear getting a piggy back ride from Carl there (the green monster puppet).  No?  Well, I guess she is pretty cute.

Papa and Cora

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morgan Territory

We've begun exploring the hiking options around us, now that we've settled into our place in Livermore. There is a huge (4000+ acres) park in the east bay parks district that lies about twenty minutes north of town, called Morgan Territory, that we decided to hike today.  There are tons of trails, and plenty of altitude gain if you desire, but we stuck to a mild ~3 mile loop that was relatively flat.  Here are some photos I took:

Lots of the area north of Livermore is tree-less due to over-grazing, but managed grazing patterns at the Morgan Territory have left many oak tree groves.  They are quite nice against the dry, brown California grasses.

Lunch spot.

Part of the trail system there is dirt roads, quite nice for schlepping a baby around on.

Local wildlife, a tarantula.

 A wash off of Prairie Falcon Trail.

Local wildlife, a redtail hawk.
NearIR of an oak tree

NearIR of Mount Diablo in the background

NearIR oak trees

NearIR dead tree full of woodpecker holes

NearIR, a closer view of Mt. Diablo.

Cora Pictures

Tummy Time!

Hmm... Eunice, the unique unicorn, what are you doing with the bumble bee?

Cora and Mom

Out for a hike, Marion is holding Cora because she tries to jump out of the Ergo every time she straightens her legs.

Rest Stop.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Zebrasnout Seahorse

Very small Seahorses

Cora and Marion checking out the Leafy Green Seadragons

Cora checking the shrimps, there's a tubefish in there somewhere too.


Oooohh.  ZOMBIE!

A very small great white shark.  I could take this guy. 

Hammerhead and Tuna fishes, very delicious.

Cora and her Unicorn (from Aunty Oriana)