Friday, March 19, 2010

Finger Painting -=- Droid Use #429

The program for Android called Draw, while not the most full featured graphic art platform available, does let you do finger painting, which is fun and brings me back to elementary school.  Here are a couple pieces I've done, some thematic based on the day, to use as background images on my phone.




Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here!

The flowers are out on all the trees on campus, which is the first sign of spring (the second, of course, being that "the titties are blooming", which hasn't happened yet.)
Relate signs are the Sierra range rivers starting to show the daily cycle of flow increase/decrease corresponding to snow melting.  This weekend, we're heading up to Tahoe to get in what could be the last ski/board trip of the year (and celebrate my 30th birthday).  Hopefully, the weather will be perfect, the snow corny, and the company beautiful!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


We spent the weekend hanging out with Malanyon and Sarah, and helping Buff and Claudine move back to the farm.  It was a great time, Marion and Malanyon spent a bunch of Saturday going through the garden and talking about plants and plans. 

Sarah introduced me to Perplexus, an awesome 3D puzzle game combining hand control with a sharp mind.  We also found a brand new copy of Carcass-onne left behind by some departed staff people, so we rocked a couple games.  Sarah crushed us all (Malanyon, Marion, my mom, and myself) by claiming roads and small cities, but ignoring the farms race!

This photo is of Malanyon playing in his manure pile. He's experimenting with different combinations of rotting wood, cow and chicken poo, soil, and straw.  Additionally, he is working on some Poo-Tea (c) which he'll use as fertilizer for the garden (unless he's made it too strong, in which case it'll only be good for nefariosity).

Malanyon and Sarah are awesome!