Monday, July 25, 2011

Cora! Cora! Cora!

Woo-wee.  Last Wednesday we took Cora in for a checkup and she weighed 10lbs 6oz.  She's growing like a weed.

Here are a few new photos.

Cora and Uncle Chris

Cora practicing her smiles

Hamming it up for the camera.  Look Ma, it's a silly face!  Is she pooping?  Peeing?  Starting to cry because she wants to eat?  None of the above.  She just likes to make funny faces, maybe it's her mirror neurons firing off when she sees Daddy.

Not Baby Related - Disable Presentation Mode in Vista

I hate Windows, the operating system family, but I'm too lazy to spend the 10 minutes it would take to switch over to a nice open-source operating system.  Instead, I spend hours figuring out crap like this:

When I plug a monitor into my laptop, a stupid script in Windows gets activated that starts changing all of my display settings, assuming that I want to do a formal presentation on the new screen, instead of just doing work.  I don't want this.  Ever.  Ever ever.

There is a "feature" called Mobility Center which allows you to quickly change/toggle a small subset of configuration parameters, one such parameter being "Presentation Mode", the state of which causes the stupid script to change my display settings.  Turning "Presentation Mode" off is useless, as it checks for a monitor and restarts the insanity right away.

Permanently disabling Presentation Mode is the best thing in the world, but no-one knows how to do it.  Except me.  Because it made me angry and I went and figured it out.

In regedit, find or create the following key:

In this key, create a DWORD called NoPresentationSettings and set the value to 1. 

Restart Mobility Center and verify that the Presentation Mode box is grayed out.


Now I can work without losing my mind.

P.S. Microsoft has, at the Microsoft Download Center, a list of all the group policy settings and their location in the registry.  Here's the page I downloaded the Vista settings from. .  You can use this to find other interesting modifications for windows.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

1-month Old (Yesterday)

Time sure flies!  Cora reached the ripe old age of 1 month old yesterday.  Crazy.  She's growing up fast, and growing fast too.  At her last appointment, she had changed from the 20th percentile weight at birth up to the 75th percentile.  Good work Cora, and Momma.  Here are a few pictures.

Baby hand, Daddy hand

C-biscuit with her thinking face on.

Cora snuggled up nice and warm under the blanket Erszi made for her.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cora's First Outings

It was very HOT in Davis over the 4th of July weekend, so we decided to try traveling with Cora to beat the heat.  The first stop was to visit Great Grandma Edna.  It was fantastic to introduce Cora Mae and Edna Mae, plus Cora got to meet practically everyone at the Forum.  The following weekend, we decided to try the first overnight trip and went to Willits to visit the Yoxall side of the family.  Cora got to meet Uncle Chris and Uncle Malanyon for the first time!  Here are some photos.

Cora Mae and Great Grandma Edna Mae

In the park, waiting for 4th of July fireworks

Some of the Independence Day festivities

Cora, Marion, and Uncle Malanyon on the bank of the Eel River at Emandal

Marion and Malanyon talk garden shop, Cora soaks up the information

Uncle Chris with Cora