Monday, August 29, 2011

Cora partying

Cora, Marion, and Andy's daughter Rowan at our "leaving Davis drinking event"

Cora at Emandal

Malanyon and Sarah's son, Linden, thinks the camera looks fun to grab.

Cora and Saren on Linden's arms.

Linden trying to put the moves on Cora. Not so fast, buddy!

Cora sporting a sweater her great grandma Edna made 26 years ago for aunt Kim.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cora in her pumpkin hat

It's not Halloween yet, but Cora wears her pumpkin hat like it's going out of style!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rolled: The Documentary

An ambitious young documentary filmmaker (Whit Scott) has embarked on a project to display the art and craft of LA's seedy, clandestine TP-ing scene.  He needs support to get his project off the ground, and here is why YOU should support him.

A) Living the dream - Whit is doing something he's dreamed of since a youngster.  It's something we all hope to do, so it's incumbent upon us to support dream-following whenever we see it.  I'm supporting him, just like I'd support you.

He's asking close friends to ask their friends to pledge $25 to his project.  You could come up with chump-change like that by eating in tonight, collecting all the coins in your couch cushions, or taking those Christmas gifts back to the store. 

B) Kick-starter - an awesome model of crowd-sourcing funding
  • Connects dreamers to funding.  
  • You pledge a few bucks to support great ideas (like Whit's)
  • You get a prize from the project, depending on your pledge
  • No Risk: 
    • if the project ISN'T fully supported, you don't pay anything.  
    • If the project IS fully supported, you pay and get whatever the prize is.
  • Go to his Kickstarter page now: Kickstart: Rolled (The Documentary)

C) YOU READ MY BLOG - if you don't know Whit directly, by virtue of the fact you are reading this, you're essentially guaranteed to meet Whit sometime. So you practically know him. If you think supporting a friend's dream is worth a few bucks, you should extend that support to Whit.

RECAP: Great project, Awesome model, Supporting a friend.

Here are some other people who think his project is great:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photos From a Thursday Morning

Cora and Mom hanging out.
Cora doing her best Westley impression.  " I ... am not left-handed!"  "I'm not left-handed either"
Monster Pants!  Oh Yeah!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our cat, Sprout, got chewed up by a dog in mid-July.  She's otherwise young and healthy, so we decided to get her patched up at the vet.  For $1400.  She's the new, inflation-adjusted, million-dollar cat.

Fortunately, after a roller-coaster of healing and nearly dying, she's healthy and getting back to her old self.  Here are a couple of instances of photographic proof.

Back to begging at the dinner table

Hanging outside on the patio, looking squirrelly.
Eating directly from the motherlode, elbows deep in tasty delicious kibble.

A photo of Grayboy, just for good measure.  Mugging the camera, as usual.

More Cora Pictures

Cora and G'ma Karen at Marilyn's house for Lewis' Birthday weekend

Tummy Time!

Working on push-ups

Cora found her hands.  They're tasty.

Bath time, YAY!

I want my bubble bath, bubble bath, bubble bath, ... bbq sauce!

All Clean

Cora, hanging on the lawn while Mom and Dad do some packing up the backyard.