Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Great Handcar Regatta

I've recovered somewhat from the sprint (in every sense of the word) that culminated in The Great Handcar Regatta.  A sprint because I spent the last four days working up to 10 hours a day getting the YOXMOBL ready with the crack team of builders.  A sprint, also, because racing the YOXMOBL is an all-out sprint, but the kind of sprint where you're pushing a huge weight up a hill.

The regatta was an awesome event, it was fun to see all the other vehicles, the costumes and characters, and the support of 13,000 spectators.  The races were super exciting, with head-to-head matchups going down two, roughly parallel, sets of curved tracks.  We very nearly won our races, but after losing parts, belts, and rollers on the way down the track, every race ended with us slightly behind.  No matter, we finished every time we started which greatly passed expectations.

Next year, we'll be back with an improved YOXMOBL, a better idea of what we're doing, and a hunger to win!

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