Friday, August 12, 2011

Rolled: The Documentary

An ambitious young documentary filmmaker (Whit Scott) has embarked on a project to display the art and craft of LA's seedy, clandestine TP-ing scene.  He needs support to get his project off the ground, and here is why YOU should support him.

A) Living the dream - Whit is doing something he's dreamed of since a youngster.  It's something we all hope to do, so it's incumbent upon us to support dream-following whenever we see it.  I'm supporting him, just like I'd support you.

He's asking close friends to ask their friends to pledge $25 to his project.  You could come up with chump-change like that by eating in tonight, collecting all the coins in your couch cushions, or taking those Christmas gifts back to the store. 

B) Kick-starter - an awesome model of crowd-sourcing funding
  • Connects dreamers to funding.  
  • You pledge a few bucks to support great ideas (like Whit's)
  • You get a prize from the project, depending on your pledge
  • No Risk: 
    • if the project ISN'T fully supported, you don't pay anything.  
    • If the project IS fully supported, you pay and get whatever the prize is.
  • Go to his Kickstarter page now: Kickstart: Rolled (The Documentary)

C) YOU READ MY BLOG - if you don't know Whit directly, by virtue of the fact you are reading this, you're essentially guaranteed to meet Whit sometime. So you practically know him. If you think supporting a friend's dream is worth a few bucks, you should extend that support to Whit.

RECAP: Great project, Awesome model, Supporting a friend.

Here are some other people who think his project is great:

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