Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My hair had gotten quite overgrown, so instead of my usually weed-whacker haircut performed by yours truly, I decided to trust my locks to the talents of someone, well, talented.

After drawing out the decision for weeks, I had settled on going to the guy in the basement of the MU on campus.  To my extreme dissappointment, I found out that he'd retired at the end of last year, and there was nobody else to take over.  Fortunately, a search of the local wiki shows that Davis has the unusual distinction of keeping two barbershops per tax-paying citizen, so all I needed to do was pick one.

After reading the reviews, I settled on an old-school set of brothers downtown, mainly because of comments like "the conversation was horrible" and "if Fox News had a barbershop, this would be it".

On a sunny Tuesday lunch hour, I stopped in and let one of these pompodor maestros have at.  In slightly more than 10 minutes, he had reduced my hippy mane into the tightly cropped cut of an eight year old from the 50's.


I had hoped for something spectacular, but as I learn over and over again, most things in life can be done better, faster, and cheaper at home.

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  1. Nice cut man!

    I have been going to Kosmo on 5th street once a year for my annual cut. I recommend it. Mine is coming up soon! Conversation is pretty lean with the language barrier, but they got books from the 80s and 90s where you can pick out your favorite style : )


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