Monday, April 19, 2010

Political More-ass: Prop 16

Firstly, let me just say I think The Daily Show or the Colbert Report could do something fantastic with a segment called Political More-ass, describing the ass-iest political move of late.  You can tell them I said so.

Secondly, California Proposition 16.  I just started reading about it, and it strikes me as a bad idea.  I've put some links together which support my position, as well as making fun of the proponents.

  • Good for PG&E;
  • PG&E will spend $35 million to promote this, someone must be making money off this.

  • Bad for renewable energy projects; 
  • Bad for non-profit energy producers; 
  • Provides for direct democracy:  i.e. the general populace (the unerudite jackassery*) gets to vote directly on, and determine the outcome of, every governmental decision.  BTW, this is what led, directly, to the fall of the Rome empire.
  • I still remember when the big energy companies did their "rolling blackouts" scam, declared an emergency, got a bunch of money from the CA government, and made windfall profits.  Turns out, the blackouts were all avoidable.  Remember Enron.

LA Times Article:
This puppy basically points out that PG&E is the primary proponent of Prop16 and theorizes that this is a case of a corporation attempting to legislate monopoly for themselves through the constitutional initiative system. 

SF Gate Article:
This article makes the point that Prop16 makes it very difficult for non-profit community-based (read local government) energy utilities to form by requiring 66% voter approval. 

Bay Area Council (BAC):
SF Gate Editorial by Jim Wunderman, CEO: BAC
This is the only "article" in the news promoting Prop16, and it's an editorial.  The BAC is a pro-corporation group (who PG&E is a member of) that is promoting the proposition.  Ironically, two years ago, they were hot-and-bothered about forming a constitutional convention because "Special interests have hijacked the initiative system, passing misleading initiatives through expensive campaigns".  I think these guys are idiots. 

North Bay Journal:
This article discusses the viewpoints of some debate participants. 

Fresno Bee:
Compares PG&E with junk-mail credit-scammers.

* - Special Note:  I firmly believe that the general populace is "the unerudite jackassery".  I also believe our elected officials are largely stupid and ignorant, but at least they have the benefit of being lobbied from both sides of a position.


  1. Thanks Brian! That is one less initiative I need to research come election time!

  2. Great reading yyour blog post


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