Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gophers 2010!

From Drop Box
This guy lives in our shed.

Now, to business!

Inevitably, the soil softened by winter rain allows deep roots to grow, resulting in weeds and annual grasses of massive proportion.  The soft soil also permits the migration of garden nuisance, the gopher.  The gopher comes, he eats some of this, some of that, but without exception, the gopher finds something tasty which I also find tasty.  In these instances, I tend to get hopping mad and renew my vow to bring these thieves to their ultimate justice.

Two weeks ago, as we were casually picking arugula in the garden, we noticed some gopher activity in the raspberry bed, of all places.  Since we hadn't really gotten around to preparing the garden yet, it took me some time to find my trusty cache of macabee traps, but I did.  I poked around until I found the gopher hole, dug it out, and set my traps...

and forgot about them...

for a week...

and a half...


so, I checked them, and sure enough, I'd caught a gopher.  I probably caught it within the first couple hours that the traps were in the ground.  It wasn't so much a gopher, as a pile of fly larvae.  In any event, I didn't take a picture, dear reader, because I figured you probably don't need to see that.  It was gross.


Gopher count 2010!
Brian - 1 / Gophers - 0

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  1. I got two so far this season as well! We got em on the run!


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